Elena Ferrante Will Not Invite You to Play Farmville

Alexander Chee has a great take on Ferrante's anonymity, or rather, her "unlikability":

"The cause of the 'unlikable character' has been popular to champion in recent years but as of this writing, there is no room for the 'unlikable author.' Perhaps until now. Because Elena Ferrante does not care if you want to be her friend. And it is, quite frankly, exhilarating to watch. Or, to not watch. There is no Twitter feed where she might make gaffes, or get into online battles. There is no sad abandoned blog, updated for the last time in 2011. There are no Facebook profiles with promoted posts to resent, no pictures of her gamely smiling at a fan for her Instagram. No pictures of her book tour meals, no complaints about her flight delays, no rants, no hashtags, no RTs of her praise, no 'WTF/FTW/LOL/OMG' posts, no strings of thank yous. She does not invite you to play Farmville, or if she does, you’d never know. There’s just a row of books executed with intellect and bravura, and the rest, hidden behind a name. And so it is I like to imagine her, sometimes, at home in Italy, posting a video of her cat to her private Facebook, private like all the rest of her life, before turning to her work." —Alexander Chee in LitHub, September 17