The Only Books Misha Glouberman Recommended to Me

Flying Books' current guest chooser is Misha Glouberman, host of the popular Trampoline Hall lecture series and expert in conflict resolution, communication, and negotiation skills. Misha teaches a series of classes on these topics called "How to Talk to People about Things." His book, The Chairs Are Where the People Go, co-authored with Sheila Heti, was called "a triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy . . . Hilarious and humane" by The New Yorker. Pictured here are the only books Misha recommended to me (Misha: "I only like about five books." Me: "That's totally okay!"), and they started selling even as I was putting them on the shelf. Get smart about talking to people about things with Difficult Conversations, Getting to Yes (these two should be read together, says Misha), and The Consultant's Calling (which is changing my life already). Misha also recommends Filthy Lucre, for getting smarter about economics, and Ant Farm, because it's really funny. Selling fast at 1080 Queen W.