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Mad Scientist Christian Bök to Sign The Xenotext Oct. 4

At the end of the world, after the sun dies, there will be only Christian Bök's The Xenotext (and Keith Richards, who will be reading it). Come to Flying Books, 1080 Queen St W, on Sunday, October 4, 1-3 pm to get your piece of eternity signed by the mad scientist of Canadian poetry himself!

Bök won the 2002 Griffin Poetry Prize for Eunoia (Coach House), the international cult hit, in which each chapter had words containing only one vowel. The Xenotext (Coach House) is his long-awaited next book, and in this one, he goes biological, encoding a poem (called ‘Orpheus’) into the genome of a germ so that, in reply, the cell builds a protein that encodes yet another poem (called ‘Eurydice’). Basically, Bök is teaching bacteria to read. Don't miss out!