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How to Talk to People about Things Presents: David McRaney in Conversation with Misha Glouberman

  • The Gladstone Hotel 1214 Queen Street West Toronto, ON, M6J 1J6 Canada (map)

How do we change our minds? Why does it seem so hard? What makes people believe crazy things? And what happens when they do change their minds?

David McRaney’s upcoming book looks at all these questions and more.

He talks to anti-vaxxers, to people who joined (and left) cults, to former members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and to a group of activists who have developed strategies to shift opinions through conversation and listening. He connects all these stories to new and fascinating research on how opinions form and change.

David is the creator of the very popular You Are Not So Smart podcast, blog, and books. He’ll be joined in conversation by communication expert Misha Glouberman of How to Talk to People About Things and the Trampoline Hall lecture series.

What does it take to disrupt a deeply-rooted belief or way of thinking? How did a country change its views on same-sex marriage in just a few years? Together, Misha and David will discuss the intricacies of influence and unpack the fascinating relationship between facts, attitudes, beliefs, and the ever-shifting landscape of public opinion, social progress, and change.

Tickets are $15
($12 for alumni of How to Talk to People About Things)
Tickets go on sale April 11

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