I’ve never published anything before, but I’ve always wanted to write seriously.
Is this program right for me?

Yes. Mentors are able to support and advise all writers regardless of expertise or publication history—as long as you’ve finished a chunk of writing that you want to improve upon. Mentors decide individually which writers to work with, based on your writing sample.

If you haven’t written a draft of a piece yet, or need help getting started on a project, check out our group classes!

How do I choose a mentor?

The best way to choose a mentor from our list is to think about what genre your work fits into, and send your sample to mentors who specialize in that genre. If you’re having trouble because your work doesn’t fit into any categories, drop us a line and we’ll guide you.

Where will the sessions take place?

Sessions may take place over the phone, video conferencing, or in-person. Whether or not you and your mentor will be able to meet up in person will depend on where you both live, and what is convenient for each of you.

How will I know how many sessions to book?

The number of 1-hour sessions you need with your mentor will depend on the length of your project as well as how much detailed feedback you’d like. You can always customize the number of sessions, or pay-as-you-go.

If you need a place to start, here are our recommendations:

  • 1 session / 3 - 4 poems OR 7 - 10 pages of prose ($240 + tax)

    • Get notes on the flow and overall quality of your narrative

    • 1 page of notes on individual lines, dialogue, and characters

  • 2 sessions / 5 - 10 poems OR 10 - 25 pages of prose ($480 + tax)

    • Discuss narrative flow, character development, themes and metaphors

    • 1 page of detailed notes, line-edits, suggestions for plot devices and options for alternative phrasing

    • A short list of magazines and journals to submit your piece to, after editing

  • 5 sessions / the “half-manuscript” OR 50 - 80 pages of prose ($1200 + tax)

    • Discuss the goals and challenges of a longer project

    • 2 - 3 pages of detailed notes, line-edits, suggestions, and advice on how to raise the quality of the work

    • A schedule and map for writing, editing and re-drafting sections that will help you finish the manuscript

    • Customized lists of magazines to submit to, and advice on how to excerpt and pitch your work to agents and publishers

  • 10 sessions / full manuscript of poetry OR prose ($2400 + tax)

    • Full line-edit of the manuscript, including notes on the broader concept, plot, characters, and style

    • 3 - 5 pages of critique, analysis, suggested changes, and issues to consider

    • A schedule and map for revising and redrafting the manuscript

    • Customized advice on querying agents, pitching your work, and writing a synopsis for book proposals