Kris Bertin



Kris Bertin is a writer of fiction, comics, and screenplays from Halifax, NS. His first book of short stories, BAD THINGS HAPPEN, won the Writers' Union of Canada's 2017 Danuta Gleed Award and the ReLit Award for short fiction. Kris's critically-acclaimed graphic novel (illustrated by Alexander Forbes) THE CASE OF THE MISSING MEN was nominated for a Doug Wright Award and is currently being translated into French and Italian. His work has been featured in The WalrusThe Malahat ReviewTNQ, The Journey Prize Anthology and many others, and he is a two-time winner of the Jack Hodgins' FoundersAward for Fiction. Kris and his frequent screenwriting collaborator Naben Ruthnum currently have projects in development with Oddfellows Entertainment.

A good story isn’t only a good idea. You’ve got to take that good idea and draft and re-draft, try to balance tone and character and plot (and a lot of other things). Worst of all, you’ve got to figure out what it was you were really trying to say, what the story was really about, and whether or not you came close to achieving your goals. This is the point where you ask for help. All of us—every writer you’ve ever read—rely on others to refine their work. No matter what anyone tells you, none of this is done alone.

I’m a believer in short fiction, in workshopping, and in the idea that there are no stupid stories or no bad ideas, just ones that are well-executed and ones that aren’t. Whether you’re just starting out and you need to work on the fundamentals, you’re a little further along and struggling with the dynamic, moving parts, or if you’ve got something really strong but you need a second set of eyes to help finesse things, I want to help you make the best possible version of your story.

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