Thea Lim Full Flight + Free Tote Bag


Thea Lim Full Flight + Free Tote Bag


Thea Lim’s Full Flight includes:

  • A FREE Flying Books x The Weekend Variety tote bag

  • An Ocean Of Minutes, by Thea Lim
    2018 Giller Prize Finalist
    “In An Ocean of Minutes, début novelist Thea Lim asks the reader to confront contemporary issues — social class, immigration, citizenship, corporate power, poverty, and the all too familiar, love and loss. The novel is beautifully written and guides us through a plot that moves backwards and forward, yet never lets us go.” — Giller Prize Jury Citation

  • Asterios Polyp, by David Mazzucchelli
    “Acerbic, frenzied and wildly romantic, Asterios Polyp uses every element available on the page — story, speech, lettering, colouring, page breaks, negative space — to evoke the desperation of lost time and lost love. Heart-stopping.” — Thea Lim

  • Bad Friends, by Ancco
    “Part autobiography, Bad Friends follows teenagers Pearl & Jong-ae, and is bleakly honest in its portrayal of gendered violence. The friends' love for each other may not conquer all, but it makes their lives worth living. The pictures glow in black and white.” — Thea Lim

  • The January Children, by Safia Elhillo
    “Safia Elhillo’s first collection is innovative, furious, eloquent, terse, joyful & bitingly funny. An example of how clever, profound and heart-rending Elhillo can be: Here’s how her speaker responds to a would-be suitor: ‘i can’t go home with you home is a place in time.’ Whew!” — Thea Lim 

  • Ponti, by Sharlene Teo
    “Set in 90s Singapore, Ponti is a tug of war between three lonely women for the reader’s attention (BFFs Szu & Circe & Amisa, who once starred as a Pontianak — a bloodthirsty lady demon, who preys on helpless men . . . ikr!). But their stories only make sense together.” — Thea Lim

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